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Rajnagar Town – An Introduction

Rajnagar is a statutory town and tehsil headquarter of Chhatarpur district in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The district comes under sagar division, bordering Panna, Damoh, Sagar & Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh state on the northern side. Rajnagar is geographically located at 240 53’ N latitude and 790 55’E longitudes. The economy of the town is mainly based on agricultural products, trade & Commerce and administrative activities.

Location & Regional Linkages

Rajnagar is linked to other areas by mode of transportation - road and rail. The railway station of Rajnagar is about 3 km from the Nagar parishad jurisdiction and presently no Express trains have halt in the station. So the town is served by Khajuraho railway station, which is only 6 km from the town and can be easily accessed by road network. The nearest airport is also at Khajuraho, which has daily flight from the National Capital. Regional road pattern spreads out in all directions. There is a bypass road from NH-75, before Bamitha that connects the town with the district headquarter- Chhatarpur. The town is also easily accessible from Khajuraho by roadways. Other roads connect Rajnagar with important towns within the district on which regular buses, trucks etc. ply and support public as well as goods movement.

Historic Overview of the Rajnagar Town

The history of the town reveals that the tract comprising Chhatarpur district came under the supremacy of British government in 1804. Captain John Baile was appointed as political agent. Before the British period, the region was under the king of Chhatarpur. The present fort, which is there in the center of the town, is said to have built by Maharaj Town Rajnagar Tehsil Rajnagar District Chhatarpur Lattitude 240 53’ North Longitude 790 55’ East Population 14521(as per census 2011) Connectivity State Roads, Nearest Station – Rajnagar, Khajuraho Nearest Airport- Khajuraho Bhawani Singh. It is believed that Rajnagar was treated as a cultural and recreational destination at that time. For this purpose, baags, ponds etc were developed in the town. Some of these baags still exist. It is also said that the history of Rajnagar was closely linked with Khajuraho and the city was under Chandel regime.
Chhatarpur District – Introduction
The District Chhatarpur was named after the great warrior of the region Maharaj Chhatrasal. Before Indian Independence, present-day Chhatarpur district consisted of a number of princely states, including Bijawar, Chhatarpur, Gaurihar, Alipura, and Lugasi, along with most of Charkhari and portions of Panna and Ajaygarh. After independence, the rulers of the states of acceded to the Government of India, and the district became part of the new state of Vindhya Pradesh. Vindhya Pradesh was merged into Madhya Pradesh on November 1, 1956. The District is situated at North East border of Madhya Pradesh. This District is spread over an Area of 8687Square Kms. For Administrative convenience, Chhatarpur District has been divided into 7 Tehsils, 8 Development Blocks and 558 Gram Panchayats. Rajnagar is one of the tehsil and Nagar Parishad of the district

Agriculture Trade

The region falls in the Jwar-Wheat producing areas of Madhya Pradesh. Apart form wheat, the other major crops grow in the area are rice, jwar, maize, bajar, kodo, kutki, gram , tuar, mung, urad, soyabean, alsi, til, mungfali, jute and vegetables. Soyabean is also a major crop in the area which has attracted farmers towards it due to its cash value in the market. But with the net area under soyabean growing, the cultivation and productivity of other pulses and oilseeds is getting badly affected day by day. Being the tehsil headquarter, there is a mandi established by Madhya Pradesh Rajya Krushi Vitaran Board, Bhopal. Before the mandi was in a rented house but in 2005 it was shifted to its own premises in ward no.2 with an area of 3 Ha of land. The mandi is mainly famous for til crop. People from outside the town are also coming to this mandi for their business. The mandi in Rajnagare is of grade “D” which is established under the Madhya Pradesh krishi Upaj Mandi Adhiniyam 1972 and came into regulation since 1975. This mandi serves the whole Rajnagar block of Chhatarpur district. The data regarding the trade of all type of agriculture produce has been collected and analyzed. It is found that the agriculture trade is showing an upward growth trend. When we observed the production trend of the mandi at Rajnagar, it is seen that the quantity of agriculture products arrived in the mandi in last year (upto October month) is the highest compared to the last 6 years. Therefore , It is clear that the agriculture Mandi in the town has been playing the role of regional trade of agriculture produce in its vicinity.
Table 3-3 Quantity of production arrived in the Agriculture mandi for sale